Top countries for Medical Student, Fees


Medical is known as the noblest profession of all professions and a medical professional is considered like God all around the world. It is nobles, prestigious, and all of the above it helps everyone and does not differentiate between races and society.


If you’re a student and looking for options to get yourself into the world’s best medical (medicine) college or University. You are at the best place. Our highly dedicated and skilled team members have shorted out the best country with the best medical college and university only for you.


Best Universities for Medical Students

But before you choose one, please keep in mind that every country has its own parameters, regulations, and criteria for students to practice and study. Even some universities have their own specific parameters and codes. You may also need to get into tests or exams after your study to start professional practice. For example, the USA has the USMLE test and India has FMGE to practice in the respective country.

Now here is the list of the best countries with medical education systems, colleges, and universities. Please go through them one by one and make sure you read them one by one carefully.

1. United Kingdom (UK) 
In our list, the United Kingdom (UK) has made the to the top. It is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign medical students. As per data from 2019, approximately 42,000 Indian Students were studying medicine in the United Kingdom, and out of the 55% were women. This is because India does not take the FMGE test for 42 colleges out of the top 45 colleges. This makes one of the first choices of foreign students. Out of 42,000 Indian students, most of them were pursuing post-graduation and their fields of choice were mostly anaesthetics, Cardiologists, Neurologists, and General Practice. The average income for these doctors ranges from 50,000 Euro to 60,000 Euro annum. For Under Graduating students, the Tuition fee is must less than in other countries and that’s why it is also one of the first choices for foreign students. The United Kingdom also provides scholarships to needy and meritorious students. For example, the University of Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarship amount to 14,000 Euro which is roughly 14 Lakhs in Indian Currency. Scholarships like these help students cope with study material and expenses.

2. United States of America – USA
As per data from the year 2020, the United States of America hosts medical students from over 120 countries. It is also one of the choices of medical students because of its diverse environment for students and advanced mentorship and learner-centric environment. The USA also offers diverse Evidence-based practice using advanced technology which enhances the education and their ability to diagnose and treat patients which in turn gives them proper practice.

To get admission and study medical (medicine) in the USA, it is mandatory to pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). For practicing doctors in the USA, the average salary is about $208,000 per annum. Even after 4 years, of course, the same salary is provided.

Currently, the USA has 6 of the best medical colleges and universities out of the world’s best 10 colleges and universities. The USA provides the best salary to medical professionals and neurologists top the salary list with an average of $663,000 per annum.

3. Canada
Canada made the list with rank 3. It offers a Doctor of Medicine Degree with a duration of 3-4 years. Foreign student needs to possess a bachelor’s degree for at least 4 years to enroll in colleges and universities in Canada.

In Canada, tuitions fee varies from as low as 25,000 CAD to 100,000 CAD annually. It also provides very high salaries to doctors which roughly average up to 300,000 CAD which makes this country one of the sought countries for doctors to practice. But doctors must fulfill a few criteria to practice in Canada. These Criteria include:

One must pass the MCAT (National Committee on Accreditation) test, NAC test, and Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination to practice in Canada as a doctor.

You may also need to qualify exam as per provincial protocol for practice in Canada.

4. Germany
Germany is one of the choices of medical students and doctors but it is most preferred by medical students to study. This is because studying in German public universities is nearly free of cost. You may be charged with an administrative fee which roughly cost around €200 to €300 per semester. Living in Germany is relatively cheaper than in other countries. But it should be noted that public universities teach only in the Deutsch language. That’s why it is one of the most preferred countries to study medicine by medical students.

However, Germany also hosts several top-class medical colleges in the world but they charge a bit high. Tuition fees in private colleges cost around €50,000 to up to €100,000. The fee may be high for you but there is a catch, while public university only teaches in the Deutsch language, privately owned universities and colleges teach you in English and a few foreign languages also.

As per data from the year 2019-20, Germany host about 25,000 Indian medical students in their college and universities. Most of these students are currently pursuing medical studies. Currently, Germany offers nearly 7000 Euros per month or 84,000 euros per annum.

5. France
France provides a smooth and transparent admission system for medical students and that’s the reason behind being one of the most preferred countries for medical students. The medical curriculum and course structure of France is somewhat similar to India (MCI) which makes it easy for Indian Students to peruse medical studies. This pattern also helps Indian students to easily clear MCI-based tests which permit Indian students to practice in India. France is also preferred by foreign students as it has low and affordable tuitions fee and living costs.

France has one of the world’s best faculty and world-class classrooms and practice systems for medical students. It also provides a relatively low fee compared to other countries and rounds off to about 55 lakh INR which is lower than most countries.

Currently, it is hosting about 1500 Indian medical students in its colleges and universities. Students also get great practice and job opportunities after completion of their medical studies.

6. Russia
In Our list, Russia made its name to number six. Russia offers a medical course of 6 years and it is quite cheaper for medical students compared to most of the other countries which offer medical courses to foreign students. It cost about 200,000 to about 900,000 rubbles which is roughly 2 lakhs to about 9 lakhs in Indian currency yearly. Russia has also cheaper living costs with world-class infrastructure. Russia also provides pretty good salaries to foreign students which are roughly about 520,000 rubbles to 550,000 rubbles. Foreign students must get a license to practice in Russia which must be renewed on yearly basis.