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the lost goddess pdf

The Lost Goddess PDF Download: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide The Lost Goddess PDF in the English language. this book is written by Anupama Ramanujam. It has 132 Pages. So you can download it at the link given below and enjoy it!

The Lost Goddess by Anupama Ramanujam PDF 

The lost goddess, the book has the essence of mythological stories and some paranormal activity which sometimes frightened me but it keeps suspense throughout the book to read it.

The Lost Goddess by Anupama Ramanujam is paranormal visionary fiction. The story revolves around our main protagonist Kanika and her interaction with the paranormal world. The prologue started with a teenage Kanika who started hearing an anklet jingle in the middle of the night.

Kanika who is an avid mystery and horror reader doesn’t take time to put it together that the sound should not be distributed. But her life took an unexpected turn when a tragedy took a turn.

The instant time changes in stories frustrated me sometimes but the suspense to know about the lost goddess made me read it and overall for me the book was nice to read and I feel like the story could have been better as the storyline is such an intriguing plot.

Kanika is 37 years old and living in a very different house that was very far away from that old house where she used to live with her parents before her marriage and after all those years she didn’t heard those haunting jingles which she used to hear in night but it started again and she is afraid of it.

When Kanika told them about this to her friend Indira she told her that she is possessed by a spirit and she is inside Kanika’s head only but Kanika doesn’t think like that she thinks there is something else about this thing that is happening to her.

Whenever she stucks in problem she solves it but thinking and thinking and when she was talking in her head once she felt there is someone else who is taking to her too.

About the Author

Anupama Ramanujam is an author, blogger, poet, and storyteller. She is also a dark space specialist and considers herself an investigator of the unknown.

The Lost Goddess PDF Book Details

Book NameThe Lost Goddess
Total Pages132
AuthorAnupama Ramanujam

The Lost Goddess PDF Download Link

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