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The God Equation pdf

The God Equation free pdf: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide The God Equation PDF in the English language. this book is written by Michio Kaku. the book is published by Allen Lane. So you can download it at the link given below and enjoy it!

The God Equation by Michio Kaku PDF Summary

Michio Kaku is able to see the Strings, their patterns, their connection to our world, the human mind, and conciseness. The book makes the statement that there is a God or a Perfect Designer that collects all the data necessary for the fine-tuning of this universe. Natural phenomena are simple, but our human minds are complex! Observing and acting on reality every single day is our Curiosity, and God calculates all of this.

A quest to find the Theory of Everything is the story of the book. The elusive ‘god equation’ that would tie all the forces of the universe together was Einstein’s lifelong quest, but one he never reached. It was a quest taken on by a number of notable physicists, including Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene. There has been no success to date.

An overview of physics is given from creation to the present, including law governing the universe and quantum physics. Einstein’s photoelectric principle and Newton’s laws of motion in mechanics are good examples of how good he was at proposing laws of motion. The five dimensions of Albert Einstein’s space-time and time contraction with speeds approaching those of light are discussed. In the creation of the perfect universe and life, God’s existence cannot be denied.

The God Equation The Quest for a Theory of Everything PDF Details

Book NameThe God Equation
Total Pages240
AuthorMichio Kaku
PublisherAllen Lane

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About the Author

Michio Kaku is a Professor of Physics at the City University of New York, co-founder of string field theory, and the author of several widely acclaimed science books, including Hyperspace, Beyond Einstein, Physics of the Impossible, and Physics of the Future.

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