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Masala lab

Masala Lab Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide Masala Lab Pdf in the English language. this book is written by Krish Ashok. the book is published by Penguin Publication. So you can download it in the link given below and enjoy it!

Masala Lab PDF Book Review

Masala Lab by Krish Ashok PDF is a science nerd’s research of Indian cooking with the ultimate purpose of making the reader a better cook and transforming the kitchen into a joyful, creative playground for culinary experimentation.

Exhaustively tested and researched, and with a curious and charming passageway to food, Krish Ashok puts collectively the one book the Indian kitchen surely needs, proving along the way that your grandmother was right all along.

Have you ever questioned why your grandmother threw a teabag into the pressure cooker while boiling chickpeas, or why she measured using the knuckle of her index finger? Why does a counter-intuitive pinch of salt make your kheer more strongly flavourful?

What is the Maillard reaction and what does it have to do with fenugreek? What does your high-school chemistry knowledge, or what you remember of it, have to do with perfectly browning your onions?

Just like remembering an equation might have accommodated you to pass an exam but not become a chemist, following a recipe without knowing its rationale can be a sub-optimal way of determining how to cook.

About the Author

Krish Ashok is not a chef but cooks daily. He is not a scientist, but he can explain science with easy-to-understand clarity. He trained to be an electronic engineer but is now a software engineer. He learned to cook from the women in his family, who can make the perfect fluffy idli without lecturing people on lactobacilli and pH levels.

Masala Lab Book PDF Summary

Book NameMasala Lab
Total Pages280
AuthorKrish Ashok

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