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Getting an MBA degree from London business school is very easy these days but getting it from a prestigious institution is a different thing. It doesn’t only affect your academics but your future too. Having an MBA degree from a top-notch institution not only gives you simple education but also helps you land in a top company or organization with very high pay.


London Business School is also one of those prestigious institutes that offers MBA degrees in various majors. It also helps you land in many well-established international companies or organizations with very high pay grades. The job also comes with many perks.


The London business school is situated at Regent’s Park, London UK was established in 1964 for business study. currently, it holds a total student strength of 2,305 as per data for 2019-20. It has given out some of the most successful and notable alumni like Cyrus Mistry – an Indian Businessman and Ex-Chairman of the Tata Group of Companies, Thomas Kwak – A Hong Kong-based billionaire, Umair Haque – a Famous British Economist and David Davis – A member of the UK parliament and has served as Home Secretary of UK from 2003 to 2008. The list of notable alumni from this institute is very wide long and can’t be mentioned here but as few are mentioned here you can guess what this institute has to offer you.

MBA at London Business school is a two-year program and accepts students from more than 94 countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This institute truly offers an international environment that can not be matched anywhere. 90% of the students in this institute come from outside of the United Kingdom.
Students from this institute also get a chance to work with companies and understand the environment and conditions of work. Frequent sponsors of the work opportunity include tech and retail companies like the internet giant Google, Microsoft, Facebook and mulberry. Even government agencies also sponsor these work opportunities like the UK Cabinet office.

The London School of Business offers MBA in selective majors or concentrations like:

• Change management
• Entrepreneurial Management
• Finance
• Marketing
• Private Equity
• Economics
• Strategy

Remember that LBS is very careful when taking admission and only those can grab a seat here who are fit enough. Two categories of students should be more careful during the submission of their application.
If you’re a US student who likes to like and work in the United States of America after your MBA but like to live the glory days of student life abroad. You may find it hard to convince London business school for admission or if their program is right for you. If you have been asked to come for an interview at LBS, You’ll be asked some very specific questions before the interview starts like what the LBS can do for you that other business schools can’t or why you’re interested in studying at LBS rather than other business schools. Most students either dream to work in an international company or organization after their graduation or at minimum working in their home country with international companies, organizations or clients.

Are you totally confused between the London business school and INSEAD? Well… this is a dead end that you care more about ranking rather than about your fit in the institute or with the system of the program. Since one-year and two-year programs are very different from each other even after LBS started to offer 15-month program options.

MBA Curriculum at London business school

The London business school offers its MBA program in terms of two years and within the first year, there are three academic terms. Term one starts from the month of august and lasts until December, the second term being in the month of January and ends in march and the Third term begins in the month of April and ends in the month of June.
The seconder year term is totally customizable right till the end of the second-year term. The London business school MBA program last anywhere between 15-21 months. The first year is totally dedicated to building core coursework and students take several classes in different subjects like business fundamentals, strategy, marketing and operations management. Some of these topics can be selected from a list of topics as a part of the curriculum. Topics that are part of the pre-designed tailored core include various options like Global Economy Analysis, Business Analysis, Value Chain Management and Digital Strategy. As a part of the LBS elective curriculum, Students also get options to make their choices out of 80 available courses. The courses have a range of different subjects ranging from accounting to organizational behavior.

London business school important points:

Fee – Average of 60,50,000 INR (or 73.703 EURO)
Application acceptance rate – 26% (this means only the best students get a chance to study here)
Placement/Job landing rate – 92% Placement rate after graduation (which is very high compared to other MBA schools)
GMAT score for admission – an average cut-off of 600 out of 800 but this changes every year.

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