Home in the World A Memoir PDF Download

Home in the World A Memoir PDF Download

Hello readers, In this post, you can download the Home in the World PDF document in the English language. It was written by Amartya Sen. Publication of the book is done by Allen Lane. It is available for download at the link provided below, so enjoy it.

Home in the World by Amartya Sen PDF Summary

For Amartya, Sen home has been many places – Dhaka in modern Bangladesh where he grew up, the village of Santiniketan where he was raised by his grandparents as much as by his parents, Calcutta where he first studied economics and was active in student movements, and Trinity College, Cambridge, to which he came aged nineteen.

Sen brilliantly recreates the atmosphere in each of these. Central to his formation was the intellectually liberating school in Santiniketan founded by Rabindranath Tagore (who gave him his name Amartya) and enticing conversations in the famous Coffee House on College Street in Calcutta. As an undergraduate at Cambridge, he engaged with many of the leading figures of the day. This is a book of ideas – especially Marx, Keynes, and Arrow – as much as of people and places.

In one memorable chapter, Sen evokes ‘the rivers of Bengal’ along which he traveled with his parents between Dhaka and their ancestral villages. The historic culture of Bengal is wonderfully explored, as is the political inflaming of Hindu-Muslim hostility and the resistance to it. In 1943, Sen witnessed the Bengal famine and its disastrous development. Some of Sen’s family were imprisoned for their opposition to British rule: not surprisingly,

  • Why does one read this book?
    • – May be to know a first rate thinker in his own words.
  • Why do most of the Indians buy the book?
    • – May be not to read but to boast of an ‘Indian’ Nobel Laureate.
  • Why does most of the Bengalis buy the book?
    • – May be not to read but to boast of a ‘Bengali’ Nobel Laureate.
  • Why does an English muttering English medium Bengali student read the book?
    • – May be to learn the kind of English to earn a Nobel prize.
  • Why does a Bengali babbling English managing Bengali student read the book?
    • – May be to sneer that there is nothing called outer Bengal, outer India, outer World.
  • Why does a mono-lingual non-English speaking buy the book?
    • – May be to see a book, see a language, see a man of power, never to achieve, never to reach, never to share.

The relationship between Britain and India is another main theme of the book. Forty-five years after he first arrived at ‘the Gates of Trinity’, one of Britain’s greatest intellectual foundations, Sen became its Master.

Home in the World Amartya Sen PDF Details

Sen is so engaging, so full of charm, and has such a clear gift for the graceful sentence. It’s a wonderful book, the portrait of a citizen of the world … full of its author’s beguiling personality, elegance, and wit of presentation, and joyous in its celebration of the life of the mind. 

Book NameHome in the World-A Memoir
Total Pages456
AuthorAmartya Sen
PublisherAllen Lane

Home in the World PDF Download Link

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