Google Cloud Run, benefits, features and pricings

Google cloud run is a product of Google available on the Google Cloud Platform. It was first launched 13 years ago on April 7, 2008, by internet giant Google LLC.

Back then it was a major operation and announcement by google and it made major headlines. Since then, Google has been continuously developing it and adding new features making its way to giant companies, Tech firms and individual Computer engineers and Developers. In short, it is a service provided by Google on its cloud platform known as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that allows users or clients to run pre-built or pre-coded applications by taking it over a Docker – Container image and running it in a stateless container as autoscaling HTTP service. In this way, the application and the data associated with it remain confined in a specific location and doesn’t interfere with other application or machines.


If you want to go into detail and know more about it, Google Cloud Run is a fully automated and manual manageable cloud computing service or platform that can automatically scale up the stateless containers present on your dedicated servers or google cloud storage. Here, the Google Cloud Run serverless stands only for – You only need to think and code your application on a computer, then deploy and then you can test it using Google Cloud Run for any miscoding, mistake, vulnerability or troubleshooting. You can also host the application on the Google Cloud Run and use it as per your need. Everything on the Google Cloud Run, Memory, Computer Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access memory (RAM), Read-only memory (ROM) and networking etc is automatically managed by Google Cloud Run (By default) or you can also set it to do manually, so there is no worry to spend your precious time and manage them on your own. Also, Because GCP’s Cloud Run uses a container, you don’t need to worry about your chosen programming language or coding being supported and running smoothly or handling dependencies. The Google cloud Run do its all instances and work in a container and just run so there are no chances of messing up with other programmes on your server. One can also get and view logs of applications by using google Cloud Run Console.

The Benefits of using Google Cloud Run are very long to cover in just one article but here is some of the best thing benefits you can avail yourself of using the Google Cloud Run.
1. Container to production in just a thing of a blink of an eye – With the Google Cloud Platform’s – Cloud Run, you just need to think about ideas, programme them, deploy them in Google Cloud Run and then test and finally deploy it to run in a container that can listen for requests or events from public and private trigger points. You can build applications in your preferred languages or codes, (as all the languages are compatible with it) with their handpicked dependencies, tool and flow and deploy them in just a time of finger snap.

2. Automated and Fully manageable – The GCP’s Cloud Run takeaway everything from you and manages them on their own hand by automatically scaling up and down from zero almost instantaneously meanwhile you can also choose to manually do these things – Depending on the traffic of your deployed application or programme. The Google Cloud run only charges you exactly for what and how many resources you use.

3. Amazing Enhanced developer Experience – The GCP’s cloud run gives its user a very friendly, productive and hassle-free enhanced experience for developing, deploying, testing and running the programmed application. It is very simple, easy to use, fast and comes with world-class security. Also, it can be easily and fully integrated with other Google Cloud Products for analysis and take insights, options, tools and services, for example, it can be integrated with Google Cloud Code, Google Cloud Build, Google Cloud Monitoring and, Google Cloud Logging. The integration gives also an end-to-end developer environment and experience.

Now, that we have talked enough about benefits, let’s talk about some of the best features it offers and uses for its clients and users along with pricing. Please note that GCP is continuously upgrading, developing, testing and adding new features, options, tools and technology to all GCP products, including Google Cloud Run so some features and benefits may vary from what has been explained here. We will try to give you an update about it once we get confirmation from Google LLC. Itself.

1. Any language, Any Code, Any Library – The Google Cloud Run is compatible with any sort of Coding language or program from any library and can run each and every type of code on its container smoothly. Google has its own code library to choose from our you can choose from anywhere you want. You can also choose it for any type of operating system and also deploy your binary codes.
2. Per Instance Concurrency – The Google Cloud Run has an amazing capability to automatically scale up to 1000 concurrent requests on a single container instance, this provides it with a high level of efficiency, and bandwidth and thus increases user productivity and take less time.
3. HTTPS URLs – The Google Cloud Run service gets an out-of-box stable HTTPS endpoint connection, with a TLS terminal handling each for you, which means enhanced security to your server and data with containers. Attackers cannot steal your data.

Pricing of Google Cloud –

Please note that the pricing varies from service and uses of the service from time to time and you may not charge what is mentioned here. For detailed and updated pricing, you may visit the Google Cloud Platform website itself and choose the Google Cloud Run from its list of Google Cloud Products. The pricing here is minimum and there is no fixed pricing available as Google has adopted the “Pay-As-You-Go” model which means you just need to pay for what specific service you use for how much time and how much CPU and data are consumed. Given pricing is minimum.

The Google Cloud Run always comes with a free trial and prices are rounded up to the nearest 100 milliseconds

CPU: $0.00002400 per vCPU-second with free 180,000 vCPU-seconds per month