Feelings you’ll feel when you first start university


I recall clearly the day I received notification that I had been accepted to study biomedical engineering at one of Canada’s premier universities. Oh, what a happy and memorable day! Staying in one place was extremely tough for me. The joyous celebration, cheers, and gifts all caused me to cry, yes, tears of joy.


In this post, I discuss the emotions that accompany beginning a degree programme at a college or university. This post will be very helpful to pupils who will be attending school in a new location.


Please have a seat as I take you down memory lane.


I leaped with pleasure when I received my unconditional offer letter after more than two years of searching for admission to this particular school. Without exaggeration, I recall walking 6 kilometres to my friend’s house to inform him of the good news. In my thoughts, I thought it would be lovely to serve him hot, and I couldn’t wait till the next day. The joy was out of this world. We went from boutique to boutique, shop to shop, and supermarket to supermarket a week later, shopping for clothes, shoes, and other necessary items.

This is something you will go through as a freshman. You’ll be so pleased with yourself. We congratulate you on your acceptance into a college or university, which is not easy.


You eventually decide to go to your new destination, with your clothes freshly pressed, some freshly earned dollars in your wallet, and your bags nicely packed. When you arrive in this new location, you will be ecstatic to find stunning structures and scenic scenery, among other things. Furthermore, you are astounded to discover new faces from all over the world. When you go hiking mountains, clubbing, and visiting amazing works of nature with your new coworkers, the thrill grows even more.

You are missing your family.

I didn’t miss home when I initially started school. I was preoccupied with one thing or another. However, after two or three weeks, I began to miss home. I didn’t hear the soft bell that regularly chimes at 5 a.m., signalling the start of Morning Prayer. Oh! I missed my mother’s customary tone of voice when she spoke to me.

When you start university or college, you will notice this. However, you may always contact with your family and loved ones via phone conversations, video calls, and other means to alleviate this discomfort.

Are you tired or stressed?

There will come a point when you are sick of going to school. It’s never been simple to get up early in the morning to prepare for school. You will be required to complete certain documentation and attend some seminars within a few weeks of resuming. Furthermore, you will have some jobs to do in a short period of time. These will cause you to become stressed and feeble.

You can get past this stage by always moving with a group of senior coworkers who are willing to motivate and push you.


When classes become more demanding, with lectures after lectures and practical classes after practical classes, some of your buddies will most certainly quit you. You might not have enough time to throw another celebration. Unless you want to fail, which I’m sure you don’t, you’ll have to tackle your studies head on.

You will be lonely at this moment. You’ll believe that the entire world is conspiring against you. If care is not exercised, depression may develop.

It’s only a phase, so don’t get too worked up. After you’ve completed your studies, you’ll all return to your regular lives. You can also get together with some buddies to study and read together, which will make you feel more energetic and lively.

Being pleased with yourself

The sentiments associated with tremendous accomplishments such as earning an award, receiving a high score on tests and exams, and graduating with a strong GPA are undeniably joyful. You’re pleased with yourself, and your shoulders may rise slightly above your ears (smiles!).

But don’t get carried away with your accomplishments. Consider it a challenge to accomplish more. If you’re willing to accept some suggestions and corrections, you’ll be successful.

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