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Elephants and Cheetahs pdf

Elephants and Cheetahs eBook: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Elephants and Cheetahs PDF in the English language. this book is written by Saral Mukherjee. So you can download it at the link given below and enjoy it!

Elephants and Cheetahs by Saral Mukherjee PDF Review

Elephant and Cheetahs pdf based on a popular elective at IIM Ahmedabad examines the hard trade-offs inherent in the design of operating systems and business models to look for answers. It encourages business leaders to ask two different sets of existential questions:

If your work involves decision-making or affected by decisions made by others, you can not read this book. the entire book is filled with gems of practical wisdom to help the leaders consciously and deliberately build their business.

The book is not just about operations strategy but also about organization strategy as well. It is a must-read book for all MBA guys. A long read but a very insightful one on why different philosophies work in various organizations. Must read and follow to reflect as a manager if you are managing large teams.

The author has really stretched the autopoiesis bit more than required but from Chapter 7 onwards, the insights offered on operations strategy are nothing short of a piece of beauty. Overall a very good book on operations strategy if you are able to bear the first 6 chapters.

About the Author

Saral Mukherjee is an associate professor in the production and quantitative methods area at IIM Ahmedabad. He specializes in Operations Management and is involved in research, teaching, and consulting in the area of supply chain redesign, operations strategy, marketing operations interface, and managing platform businesses.

Elephants and Cheetahs PDF Summary

Book NameElephants and Cheetahs
Total Pages416
AuthorSaral Mukherjee
PublisherPenguin Portfolio

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