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In this Story, Duryodhan believes that the Kuru kingdom belongs to the Kauravas. He will not give away even an inch of that ancestral land without a fight. How can he? The Pandavas are not even the real sons of Maharaj Pandu, they are not true heirs of the Kurus.

In his bestselling Marathi novel, Kaka Vidhate reimagines the enduring tale of the Mahabharat, turning away from the victors to listen to other points of view. In so doing, he reveals an endlessly fascinating protagonist: Duryodhan. He peels back layers upon layers to reveal unknown facets to the character. To some, the Kaurava prince is an anti-hero, to others a hero no less than Arjun.

In Vidhate’s telling, he is an enigmatic life force that shook and overwhelmed many a statesman and warrior. Krishna helped them, and the Pandavas won the war, a hollow victory. They lost as much as those they vanquished did. As the other side tells the story of the war—Duryodhan, Dhritarashtra, Gandhari, Dushasan, Shakuni, and others who were thus far pushed to the margins of the epic.

About the Author

Kaka Vidhate was born in a village near Solapur. He worked in the Maharashtra government in various senior positions before retiring in 2016 to focus on writing full-time. He has published many bestselling Marathi novels

Book NameDuryodhan
Total Pages582
AuthorKaka Vidhate

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