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Dreamers and Unicorns pdf

Dreamers and Unicorns Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide Dreamers and Unicorns Pdf in the English language. this book is written by Abhijit Bhaduri. So you can download it in the link given below and enjoy it!

Dreamers and Unicorns by Abhijit Bhaduri PDF Review

If a group of people works together to address an opportunity, a Dreamer organization is born. If the Dreamer begins reaching consumers across multiple cities and later, countries, it is treading the path to become a Unicorn.

When consumers in every country line up to welcome the Unicorn, a Market Shaper is born. Every Dreamer wants to grow to be a Unicorn and then a Market Shaper. Every Market Shaper wants to have the spirit of a Dreamer.

So what turns a startup into a Market Shaper with a trillion dollars of market capitalization? How can a Market Shaper retain the free spirit of a Dreamer? Today, the key drivers of enabling and sustaining growth have shifted to softer aspects like leadership, talent strategies, and organizational culture.

This is Abhijit’s pet topic of the ubiquitous digital world that was an idea in his last book (the Digital Tsunami) and is a reality on steroids thanks to Covid. From the marrying of polarities like automation replacing human jobs to the centrality of people for organizations and the need to view customers and employees as equally important and the importance of specialization but multiple careers.

In Dreamers and Unicorns, renowned business author and talent management specialist, Abhijit Bhaduri, explore these essential aspects of organizational growth and sustenance.

About the Author

Abhijit Bhaduri is a Talent Management practitioner with global experience across various sectors. As Chief Learning Officer for Wipro, a role he worked at for seven years, he oversaw global initiatives across several countries.

Dreamers and Unicorns by Abhijit Bhaduri PDF Summary

Book NameDreamers and Unicorns
Total Pages512
AuthorAbhijit Bhaduri
PublisherWestland Publications Limited

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