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delhi anti hindu riots pdf

Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots 2020 Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots Pdf in the English language. this book is written by Nupur J Sharma. So you can download it in the link given below and enjoy it!!

Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots 2020 PDF Review

This chilling report from Opindia is based on the charge sheets that have been filed and it is really an eye-opener. A report that every citizen of this country should read, understand and retell it to others. Kudos to team Opindia for bringing out this report which is based on facts and not prostrating before the ‘secular gods’ of this Nation.

This is such a detailed, comprehensive report. Panders to extremists and justifies their actions by pointing the finger elsewhere. Even as a reader, it isn’t informative since most of it can be refuted by several news sources, on both sides of the spectrum.

And started reading every word and have covered half now. This is as good as a book (not just “report”). Kudos to the authors for bringing this out in such a short time.

This report/book is a must for anyone who needs to understand the full picture, which is why the report covers it from December. Meticulous and researched extensively. This is a must-read for someone who wants to understand the events surrounding the Anti-CAA riots in a fair and independent manner.

The authors had taken great pains to do the research to write this book. While the references are primarily from OpIndia, it contains sources from other networks as well and is cited appropriately. Contains shocking revelations for the uninitiated. Sad to see vested interests misleading a significant portion of youth, which I have experienced personally. Editing could have been a lot better as it was difficult to follow the events at some parts.

Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots 2020 PDF Summary

Book NameDelhi Anti-Hindu Riots 2020
Total Pages360
AuthorNupur J Sharma , Kalpojyoti Kashyap
PublisherAmazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Pvt. Ltd

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