Compute Engine: Virtual Machines (VMs) – Google Cloud

Google Cloud computing is on-demand remote-based non-physical access to thousands of computing resources, including data storage, networking tool, developmental tools, hosting, testing environments, containers and software for works such as web and app development tools, applications, and servers that may be virtual or physical.

These services are provided by Google Cloud Platform on in-short GCP which is a subsidiary of Google LLC, located in California silk valley.

These services can be availed at varying rate and durations that ranges from as low as 1 US dollar to high as hundreds of thousands and durations from 1 day to forever or even a lifetime. These fees are based on the usage of services and duration.

Like most cloud computing service providers, Google Cloud Computing also charges on the model of Pay-as-you-go.The pay-as-you-go is system designed for consumers. By this model you only pay for what services you use and how much you use and for how long you use. In this way, you don’t pay an extra fee and pay for what you use.

It is because IT infrastructures like computer hardware and Software in the market are very costly and take great effort and investment to establish and manage for an individual entity, organization or company.

Cloud Computing has become very popular among many IT engineers, Web and App holsters, Developers and Data management systems as it is shared. Many well-established organizations and companies use this globally and it is expected that in future every computing system will run on this.

If you wish to use Google Cloud Computing, you must know about it. Here are some features and benefits of Cloud Computing depending on what services you select and how much you pay. cloud computing can benefit in the following ways:

1. Cost Savings – Initial pricing of Google cloud services may seem a little bit more but when you analyze the final cost of its services and time savings as compared to your own on-campus IT infrastructure and maintenance. It will go down to more than 80% of what you’re paying currently for physical on-campus IT infrastructure. On cloud computing, you pay as you use their services. Little is service used, Little will be the cost.

2. Agility – Google Cloud Computing gives you free access to a very broad range of services and features in a fraction of a second. You can use these resources as soon as you sign up for Google cloud services. by using these cloud computing services, you can quickly build and develop anything you want and as quickly as it takes time to breathe instead of waiting for weeks to months and forcing all of your It team into it. Even if there is any error, it can automatically detect and let you fix it in no time.

3. Security – For your own on-premises physical IT infrastructure, you’ll need to deploy your own security programs which may cost you thousands of dollars. Even after this, you need to update its databases regularly for new signs of new threats, viruses and malware. And still, there is a great chance to get attacked by viruses and malware. Data theft is common nowadays. Data and services are important to any entity. If you’re a company or even a developer with a network or providing services to customers, these attacks may result in a loss of customer trust to you ultimately leading to a huge loss.

When you use Google Cloud Computing, you don’t have to worry about security risks. Google Cloud Computing companies have automatic and also very highly skilled 24 hours active personnel to monitor, identify and eliminate threats. Recent surveyed reports claim that In-house IT infrastructures are 94% less secure and vulnerable to cyber-attack than cloud computing services. This means fewer worries, less cost, more efficiency, and more profit.

4. Mobility – Google Cloud Computing services allow you to access your services and manage them from anywhere, anytime via just a smartphone or a laptop with an internet connection. This allows you to freely move anywhere and keep updating your services at any moment you want. This also helps you to deploy new features and services very quickly. This gives a better work balance to your employees and can boom your business to up to 24%. It has been seen that mobility and flexibility for work also increase employee productivity.

5. Global Deployment with minutes – With Google cloud computing, You will have the power to deploy your services to a new location or even globally without ground-based infrastructure within a fraction of minutes. You can also restrict users of some locations without any hassle and time taking process. This provides borderless deployment and expansion of your business. This means more income, tax-free services, and benefits to your organization or company. This will boom your business to a new height you can never imagine.

6. Automated software updates – Google Cloud Computing services provide automated software updates of the products and services it provides to its customers. For a company or organization with high-demand services and a lot to do, it is a very time-consuming process to manually update software. This also keeps your IT team busy a lot and thus decreases the productivity of your company or organization. This also creates stress in your employee and which is associated with low productivity, loss of appetite for work and frustration. With Google Cloud Computing services, you do not need to worry about daily and manual updates. Google Cloud services are designed in such a way that it automatically updates all of its services as soon as new updates are launched. It has not only an automatic updating system for software but also for antivirus and anti-malware software. This saves valuable time for your employees which they can you for other productive work and money of yours.