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Chasing Lucky PDF by Jenn Bennett Download: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide Chasing Lucky Pdf in the English language. this book is written by Jenn Bennett and published by Simon & Schuster. It has 414 total pages. So you can download it at the link given below and enjoy it!

Chasing Lucky PDF by Jenn Bennett Review

This novella from the Innkeeper chronicles is a short visit to catch up with the characters from that series. The series is about a sentient Inn and the characters who live there, visit, or defend it.

At the end of book 3, One Fell Sweep, we had 2 couples, Dina and Sean who got their happy ever after, and Maud and Arland who still had to get there. Book 3 ended a quite epic bit of storytelling with a few loose ends to take us into the next book. The authors chose to go with Maud and Arland off-world away from the Inn for book 4.

We will have to wait a year for the next full novel so in this story we get to catch up with Dina Sean and the Inn. It starts days after book 3 ended with Dina and Sean expecting to go before the Innkeeper Assembly as a result of the previous adventures.

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett PDF Summary

However, a dangerous guest who wants to stay at the Inn for a special meeting, a group of philosophying space chickens needing a place to have a gathering, an alien general looking to visit the Alamo and Orro going to see his TV chef hero in action all need to be dealt with first.

This was written for the author’s website around Christmas and it has a light-hearted feel and plenty of fun. There is that bit of darkness that makes it worth reading but the overall story arc doesn’t really move forward. We have to wait for book 6 to see if Dina gets closer to finding her missing family.

It’s a must-have for anyone reading the series and makes a taster for anyone who wants to try the series. It’s too short to have room for much back story so you need to accept it as it is.

Budding photographer Josie Saint-Martin has spent half her life with her single mother, moving from city to city. When they return to her historical New England hometown to run the family bookstore, Josie knows it’s not forever, so there’s no reason to change her modus operandi—keeping to herself, dreaming of the day she can leave.

Josie and Lucky become the talk of their coastal small town. But during a summer of secrets, everything changes, and the easy friendship they once shared grows into something deeper and more complicated. Can Josie and Lucky swim past obstacles that come with rough waters, or will they both go down together?

About the Author

Jenn Bennett is an award-winning visual artist. She is also the author of Kindling the Moon, Summoning the Night, Leashing the Tempest, and Binding the Shadows, the other works in her critically acclaimed series featuring irresistible heroine Arcadia Bell.

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett PDF Details:

Book NameChasing Lucky
Total Pages414
AuthorJenn Bennett
PublisherSimon & Schuster

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