Best Huston Truck Accident attorney


If you or your family member suffers serious injuries due to any truck accident in Huston, you will need a team of highly skilled and very experienced Houston truck accident attorneys to file your complaint and lawsuit. Our lawyers are very highly skilled in terms of:


1. Knowledge of state and federal truck rules and regulations
2. Efficient and aggressive in filing truck accident litigation
3. Very successful in obtaining millions of dollars in settlements
4. Very active in maintaining client satisfaction through keeping communication and transparency


Truck accident cases are very difficult and hard to file and get proper lawsuit files without having an experienced lawyer by your side, especially in Huston. If you are suffering from any major injury from a truck accident, you may not be able to stand up on your own. In this case, you must find a proper lawyer for your lawsuit and manage your case.

1. All accident lawyers must be able to handle and do the following:
2. Handle all communication with you and the trucking company.
3. Must be able to timely notify the medical bill collector about your claim and status
4. Investigate and interview your claim to determine the cause of all liable parties, and witnesses and collect their statements
5. Must be able to collect evidence, such as computer data stored in the truck’s black box and accident report
6. Must file proper file and peruse damages to client caused by medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering, and lost wages.
7. Determine and individualize legal strategy to maximize your financial recovery
8. File the claim in a timely manner
9. If necessary or needed, the lawyer must be able to present your case before a jury or judges.

In a Truck accident case, many parties may be responsible for a truck accident. A skilled lawyer always investigates all the potential causes and sources of a truck accident. This may include:

Individual Truck Drivers – Individual Truck drivers may be alone responsible for a truck accident and in major cases they are responsible. It is maybe due to negligence and distraction in driving due to drug use, speeding, eating, texting, etc.

Trucking Corporations – in many cases commercial trucking and transportation companies are responsible for accidental damages when their trucks may violate any state or federal trucking regulations or laws that in many cases lead to the accident.

Semi-Truck Service technicians – When service technicians do not provide proper maintenance services and they neglect the needing for servicing of a truck, it may cause a serious accident on road leading to serious injury or even in some cases may prove fatal.

Truck Manufacturers – Sometimes the manufacturer provides faulty pr defective machinery or parts that ultimately leads to accident and injuries. In these cases, the manufacturing company is liable for your case.

Government Agencies – In some cases, Government agencies such as municipalities or agencies responsible for maintaining roads are responsible for truck accident cases. Especially when the road is faulty or has not been maintained in a while.

It is impossible to predict the exact amount of any truck accident losses but we believe that claims must be at least worthy. In Huston, Claims are generally settled at a higher rate than a car accident. In a general case, the average, settlement amount in Huston for truck accidents ranges from $750,000 to about $5 Million.
Typically, A truck accident claims include the following:

1. Accident-Related medical bills
2. Prescription medication costs
3. Compensation for physical pain and suffering
4. Loss of quality of life
5. Compensation for emotional pains and sufferings
6. Cost of rehabilitation
7. Physical Therapy
8. Prosthesis (If any has been advised/needed)
10. Disability
11. Disfigurement of body parts due to scar, injury, or burning
12. Loss of wages during medical treatment and recovery
13. Loss of future earning capacity due to inability to work or inability to work
14. Property Damages

Based on these criteria and regulations, Our Highly dedicated and skilled minds have sorted out some of the best Attorneys and Lawyers in Huston – Texas who are experts and have a very good reputation in filing truck accident lawsuits and fulfilling clients’ claims, settlements, and charges. The list is based on various criteria and ratings.

1. Zehl & Associates
Zehl & Associates is a personal law firm, specializing in injury and is located in Huston. It represents all individuals across Texas who are either faced any accident, got injured, or even been killed in a truck accident, commercial trucks, vehicles, and 18-wheelers. This firm has a good reputation for being undefeated and it has helped thousands of people across Texas state. It has recovered a whopping $1 billion for its clients. It has won several awards and has remained at rank 1 in terms of settlements in cases of 18-wheelers and trucks accident claims and cases.

Professionalism – A+
Reputation – A+
Responsiveness – A
Helpfulness and Friendliness – A+

2. Edward Law Group
Edward Law Group has experience of more than three decades and 9 years of experience in the field of accident settlements case. At Edward Law Group, one can easily get assistance for their claims and cases and provides consultation to residents of Huston and its surrounding areas. It has reputation for perusing compensation on behalf of injured victims of motor and vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and slip and fall accident cases and claims. It also provides its service in other areas such as criminal defence and immigration cases. In the last 9 years, Edward Law Group has handled a whooping of more than 2.1K cases.

Professionalism – A+
Reputation – A+
Responsiveness – A+
Helpfulness and Friendliness – A

3. Morgan Legal Group PLLC
Morgan Legal Group PLLC has a good reputation for the cases and settlements of Truck Accidents and Road Accidents. It is a personal injury firm located in Huston and offers its consultation and legal representation for truck accident cases especially. It has now handled over 8000 cases and most of them fall in the most severe injury cases against the biggest trucking companies. Clinton Morgan is the attorney who founded this firm and is now best for its bold advocacy and unique experience for its clients.

Professionalism – A+
Reputation – A+
Responsiveness – A
Helpfulness and Friendliness – A