Aasmaan Mein Surakh by Rajiv Ranjan PDF Download

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Hello readers, In this post, you can download the Aasmaan Mein Surakh PDF document in the English language. It was written by Rajiv Ranjan. Publication of the book is done by Notion Press. It is available for download at the link provided below, so enjoy it.

Aasmaan Mein Surakh by Rajiv Ranjan PDF Summary

Aasmaan Mein Suraakh’ is a tiny attempt to showcase to the world the hard labor of coal miners and the innovative activities that set them apart from the crowd.

These coal miners extract coal from the earth 365 days a year and transport it to power plants as fuel, which provides electricity to our homes. Yet, we know relatively little about them, who work behind the scenes but play a significant part in meeting the country’s energy needs.

Their commitment and hard effort can serve as a model for us. Every day, they make seemingly complex activities doable, which might inspire us. Let us know how these people, whether men or women, work tirelessly to better our society and country. The book is a collection of short stories that tackle these issues.

Book NameAasmaan Mein Surakh – Koyla Karmiyo Ki Kahani (आसमां में सुराख: कोयला कर्मियों की कहानी)
Total Pages 260
AuthorRajiv Ranjan
PublisherNotion Press

Aasmaan Mein Surakh PDF Download Link

Disclaimer: Our aim to give the downloading links of important books is only to help the students who do not have funds to purchase costly books. We are not the maker of this book and we have the right nor distributed neither scan.

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